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About Michael Ellis

As well as leading his own natural history forays, Michael also guides trips for a number of Bay Area organizations. His B.S. in Botany and Masters in Marine Biology are the foundation for his lifelong process of gathering information from travels throughout the natural world.

Who’s Michael? A trip participant says: “Start with an encyclopedic knowledge of all the sciences, (especially botany, biology and etymology), add the ability to articulate with humorous anecdotes, and a genuine love of nature and teaching. Michael combines all these ingredients to enthuse people about nature”.


Michael's Travels


Slender Salamanders

California Slender Salamanders As I was doing a little yardwork – yes, I’m still at it- I moved a big pile of leaves and uncovered the most common salamander, actually I dare say the most common amphibian, in our region...

Is It True That Oaks Survive Fire, and How?

Ah oaks. Yes, they do usually survive most fires. And thank goodness—they are among my favorite trees. Oaks are not the oldest, widest, largest, or tallest trees, but wherever they occur, they tend to dominate both in the forest and...

How do Birds Know Which Way to Migrate?

  Humans have been observing and wondering about bird movements since forever. The ancient Greek poet Homer described the Trojan army as being like cranes that “flee from the coming winter and sudden rain.” And from the prophet Jeremiah: “Yea...

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