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As well as leading his own natural history forays, Michael also guides trips for a number of Bay Area organizations. His B.S. in Botany and Masters in Marine Biology are the foundation for his lifelong process of gathering information from travels throughout the natural world.

Who’s Michael? A trip participant says: “Start with an encyclopedic knowledge of all the sciences, (especially botany, biology and etymology), add the ability to articulate with humorous anecdotes, and a genuine love of nature and teaching. Michael combines all these ingredients to enthuse people about nature”.


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How do Marine Mammals Sleep?

Sleep is incredibly important to higher vertebrates such as reptiles, birds, and mammals. Continued disruption of sleep—as the parents of newborns and the CIA know well—is a torture technique. And while the function of sleep is not totally understood, we...

Tanzanian Animal List

BIRDS Ostrich Great Crested grebe Black-necked grebe Eared grebe Little grebe White pelican Pink-backed pelican White-necked cormorant Long Tailed cormorant Black crowned night heron Squacco heron Cattle egret Little egret Green-backed heron Great white egret Grey heron Black-headed heron Goliath...

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