The center of this weeklong car camping adventure is a private oasis in the eastern Mojave Desert, just outside Death Valley National Park. Our exclusive camp (we have literally thousands of wild acres all to ourselves) is near the Amargosa River with the quaint and quirky Tecopa Hot Springs not far away. We drive right to our location and conveniently pitch our tents (or sleep right under the abundant desert stars). Though it is the desert, life-giving water (Willow Creek) bubbles to the surface right by our campground. This attracts a plethora of wildlife. We fall asleep to the sounds of owls and even frogs and toads (yes in the desert). The soft cooing sounds of male roadrunners attracting a mate waken us in the early morning. The rare Bell’s least vireos, yellow warblers, phainopeplas, Crissal thrashers, Gambels quail, hooded orioles and even cinnamon teals flourish. Several species of hummingbirds quickly find the feeders I hang.  I also love to catch lizards, little boy that I am. And release., of course.On day trips, we head north into Death Valley, east into the Kingston Range and the surrounding wilderness where the names say it all: Badwater, Dante’s View, Furnace Creek, chuckwalla flat. I show you places that are not known to casual travelers. And there is even a cultural component, which includes visiting some of my eccentric desert friends. Exploring on foot and by car, we’ll learn about the amazing adaptations that plants and animals have evolved to thrive in this harsh xeric environment. The photographic opportunities abound – eerie tree yucca forests, rugged mountain islands, iguanas, coyotes, kangaroo rats and abundant desert wildflowers. In the evenings we share cooking and gather around the campfire. The stars and moon are vibrant and seem alive. A silent night hike into the Badlands is an unforgettable experience.    This is one trip that some folks attend year after year creating a wondrous extended family of kindred desert lovers.

COST:        $550

March 29 to April 4, 2020 FULL
April 5 to April 11, 2020



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February 18, 2015