June 11, 2017

Hello everyone:

Here is the monthly compendium of cool stuff I have collated for your pleasure (and it brought me much pleasure as well). Take your time and savor them.

This is my most recent Perspective that ran on San Francisco’s NPR station- KQED. Leaves of three, let it be.

I am off to Brazil leading two trips back to back to the Pantanal, the Chapada and the Amazon basin, returning July 15. Giant anteaters, hyacinth macaws, Saki monkeys, anacondas, caimans, jaguars, capybaras, tapirs, anhingas, and much much more. These trips are full but I have scheduled two more next June and July (the perfect time).

The day trip to the Farallons on August 4 still has room but the one on August 11 is full. Recently a 79’ blue whale washed up near Bolinas, north of San Francisco. Hit by a ship and killed, it was feeding out by the Farallons. No guarantees but August is a great time to see tufted puffins, shearwaters and large whales just off our coast. And I used to volunteer out on the Islands and know them pretty well.

This little one page spread appeared in the latest issue of Sonoma Magazine.
Speaking of whales, this is why they got so large. 

Children need Nature not I-Phones 

A classic song and so very true… Stand by me.

I remember the Dickey Box. This documentary is for all of us who have felt isolated while surrounded by other people. 2005 at Burning Man.

On being too busy. I am Guilty!

You will LOVE this collection of words describing emotions from other languages. WHO KNEW?

Here is Tim’s website and his research is ongoing.

Socrates was a very smart guy…. we are still referencing him centuries later.

Christopher Walken dancing in 50 movies perfectly spliced.

I love to dance and I love watching other people dance as well. Check this site out.

JFK 100 years old. What a contrast with the President in 2017!

BIG BANG by the Barenaked Ladies.
Birth of our Universe to music.

Solar Eclipse coming up August 21.

Garden of early delights.. Extremely trippy be sure to watch on big screen, not your phone