Tanzanian Animal List



Great Crested grebe

Black-necked grebe

Eared grebe

Little grebe

White pelican

Pink-backed pelican

White-necked cormorant

Long Tailed cormorant

Black crowned night heron

Squacco heron

Cattle egret

Little egret

Green-backed heron

Great white egret

Grey heron

Black-headed heron

Goliath heron


Abdim’s stork

Wooly-necked stork

Saddlebill stork

Open billed stork

Marabou stork

Yellow-billed stork

European stork

Black stork

Sacred ibis

Hadada ibis

Glossy ibis

African spoonbill

Greater flamingo

Lesser flamingo

White-faced tree duck

Fulvous whistling duck

Egyptian goose

Spur-winged goose

Knob-billed duck

Maccoa Duck

Northern shoveler

African black duck

Cape teal

Red-billed duck

Hottentot teal

African pochard

African shoveler

Secretary bird

Ruppell’s vulture

White-backed vulture

Nubian vulture

White-headed vulture

Hooded vulture

Egyptian vulture

African marsh harrier

Eurasian marsh harrier


Dark chanting goshawk

Pale Chanting goshawk

Gabar Goshawk

Lizard buzzard

Agar buzzard

Long crested eagle

Crowned eagle

Black chested snake eagle

Wahlberg’s eagle

Martial eagle

Tawny eagle

Steppe eagle

African fish eagle

Black kite

Black shouldered kite

Pygmy falcon

Gray kestrel

Great sparrow hawk

Lesser kestrel

Common (European) kestrel

Pallid Harrier

Montague’s Harrier


Harlequin quail

Hildebrandt’s francolin

Heuglin’s francolin

Shelley’s francolin

Crested francolin

Coqui francolin

Helmeted guinea fowl

Yellow-throated spurfowl

Red-throated spurfowl

Gray breasted spurfowl

Crowned crane


Red-knobbed coot

Black crake

Kori bustard

White-bellied bustard

Black-bellied bustard

African jacana

Spotted thick knee (stone curlew)

Blacksmith plover

Kittletz’s plover

Ringed plover

Spur-winged plover

Crowned plover

Three-banded plover

Senegal plover

Caspian plover

Gray phalarope


Black-winged stilt


Wood sand piper

Little stint

Common sandpiper

Spotted Redshank



Painted snipe

African snipe

Temminck’s courser

Two-banded courser

Heuglin’s courser


Gray-headed gull

Gull-billed tern

White-winged tern

Whiskered tern

Chestnut-bellied sand grouse

Black faced sand grouse

Yellow throated sand grouse

Speckled pigeon

Red-eyed dove

Mourning dove

Ring necked dove

Laughing dove

Namaqua dove

Emerald-spotted wood dove

Green pigeon

Brown parrot

Yellow-collared lovebird

Fischer’s lovebird

Schawlow’s Turaco

Hartlaub’s Turaco

White-bellied go-away bird

Bare-faced go-away bird

Klaas cuckoo

African cuckoo

Black cuckoo

Black and white cuckoo

Dierdrick cuckoo

Black coucal

White-browed coucal

Great spotted cuckoo

Pearl-spotted owlet

African barn owl

African marsh owl

Verreaux’s eagle owl

Spotted eagle owl

White-rumped swift

Mottled swift

Palm swift

Speckled mousebird

Blue-naped mousebird

Giant kingfisher

Pied kingfisher

Striped kingfisher

Malachite kingfisher

Pygmy kingfisher

Woodland kingfisher

Gray-headed kingfisher

Brown-hooded kingfisher

White-throated bee eater

Broad-billed bee eater

Cinnamon-chested bee eater

Little bee eater

White-fronted bee eater

Swallow-tailed bee eater

Lilac-breasted roller

Broad billed roller

Rufous crowned (purple) roller

European roller

African hoopoe

Green wood hoopoe

African scimitar bill

Abyssinian scimitar bill

Gray hornbill

Red-billed hornbill

Von der Decken’s hornbill

Crowned hornbill

Trumpeter hornbill

Silvery-cheeked hornbill

Ground hornbill

Red and yellow barbet

Red fronted barbet

White headed barbet

Spotted-flanked barbet

Red-fronted tinkerbird

D’Arnaud’s Barbet

Nubian woodpecker

Bearded woodpecker

Grey woodpecker

Flappet lark

Red-capped lark

Rufous naped lark

Fischer sparrow lark

Red winged bush lark

Cardinal quelea

Red-billed quelea

Banded martin

Rock martin

Blue swallow

Wire-tailed swallow

Striped swallow

Roughwing swallow

European swallow

African pied wagtail

Mountain wagtail

Yellow wagtail

Grassland (Richard) pipit

Golden pipit

Yellow-throated longclaw

Rosy-breasted longclaw

Yellow-vented bulbul

White-crowned shrike

Black-backed puffbird

Three-streaked Tchagra

Tropical Boubou

Northern boubou

Slate-colored boubou

Magpie shrike

Helmet shrike

Fiscal shrike

Long tailed fiscal shrike

Gray-backed fiscal shrike

Arrow-marked babbler

Capped wheatear

Northern wheatear

Familiar chat

Anteater chat

Stone chat


Rattling Cisticola

Cisticola sp.

Banded tit-warbler

Tawny-flanked prinia

Black-breasted Apalis

Buff-bellied warbler

Chin-spot flycatcher

Gray flycatcher


Paradise flycatcher

Variable sunbird

Golden winged sunbird

Hunter’s sunbird

Malachite sunbird

Beautiful sunbird

Yellow rumped seedeater

Yellow fronted canary

Streaky seedeater

Green-winged pytilia

Purple grenadier

Red-cheeked cordon bleu

Blue-capped cordon bleu

African fire finch

Rufous-backed mannakin

Pin-tailed whydah

Paradise whydah

Straw-tailed whydah

Steel blue whydah

Black faced waxbill

Common waxbill

Black headed weaver

Vitrolin masked weaver

Baglafecht (Reichnows) weaver

Chestnut weaver

Speakes weaver

Taveta golden weaver

Northern masked weaver

Rufous tailed weaver

Speckle -fronted social weaver

Golden backed weaver

Yellow-mantled weaver

Grosbeak weaver

Red bishop

White winged bishop

Yellow bishop

Black bishop

Gray-headed social weaver

Red-billed buffalo weaver

White-headed buffalo weaver

Rufous sparrow

Redwing starling

Ruppell’s long tailed starling

Superb starling

Hildebrandt’s starling

Ashy starling

Wattled starling

Red-billed oxpecker

Yellow-billed oxpecker


White-necked raven

Cape Rook

Pied crow


Olive baboon

Black and white Colobus monkey

Blue (Sykes) monkey

Black faced vervet monkey

Thicktailed greater bush baby

Lesser bush baby

Spotted hyena

Striped hyena


Golden jackal

Black-backed jackal

Side-striped jackal

Bat-eared fox




Serval cat


African wild cat

Banded Mongoose

Dwarf mongoose

Marsh mongoose

White tailed mongoose

Black-tipped (slender) mongoose

Small Spotted Genet

Common Civet


African elephant

Bush hyrax

Rock hyrax

Tree hyrax


African hare

Masai giraffe

African (Cape) buffalo

Burchell’s zebra

Black rhinoceros


Grant’s gazelle

Thomson gazelle

Kirk’s Dik-dik

Bush Duiker




Bohor Reedbuck

Red duiker


Common waterbuck

Defassa’s waterbuck


Kongoni= Coke’s Hartebeest

Wildebeest (white bearded gnu)

Honey Badger (ratel)

African Porcupine

African unstriped ground squirrel

African big-eared mouse

Unstriped grass mouse

Nile Bush Rat

African Dormouse

Yellow winged bat

Horseshoe bat

Peters Epilated Fruit bat

Leopard tortoise

Nile Monitor lizard

Tree Agama

Rock Agama

Rough scaled plated lizard

Common Skink

Flap necked Chameleon

Green mamba

Black mamba

Green tree snake

Striped sand snake

Nile crocodile

Mud turtle


Walking stick

Praying mantis

Dung beetles

Silk moth

Brown veined white butterfly

African monarch

Blue pansy

Common diadem butterfly

Harvester termites

Fungus farming termites

Snouted termites

Goliath beetles

Tsetse flies

Giant Water bug

Singing ants

Safari (army) ants


Baboon spider

Banana slugs

Land snail



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May 15, 2016