I just got back from my third trip to Peru. I had not been to that wonderful South American country in 10 years and many things have changed–mostly for the better. I had the opportunity to explore the northwestern coast of Peru in particular the Moche culture. This civilization existed from about 100 AD to 800 AD and in many ways was much more sophisticated than the Incas who followed. One particular highlight was the archaeological find that occurred in 1987 popularly called The Lord of Sipan. the artifacts from this find are housed in a remarkable world-class museum that resembles a giant Mochen Tomb. http://agutie.homestead.com/files/Sipan.htm. this link shows a few of the many artifacts on display.

In the Andes just outside of Cusco in the small village of Chinchero, we visited an extended family who rediscovered and is promoting traditional weaving and dyeing techniques. Here is a little video I put together of our visit.

An exert from the journal I kept on our trip to Machu Picchu:
we walk down to the train station for the luxurious Hiram Bingham train to Aguas Calientes. We even get our own little Bingham Bag to use. This Orient Express train is the most exclusive way to visit Machu Picchu and includes a hearty brunch aboard the train. At the Ollantaytambo station for train to MP (0745-0915 for 1½-hour train trip down to Machu Picchu (5600’). We are in for a real treat, Jim Carrey is on our train. I said hi to him and it made his day!
The food is over the top good with champagne and mimosas to start our day. In the last car of the train a three-piece band is jumping with SUMMERTIME among other great songs. We are the party that livens things up. The views down river are gorgeous- white-capped dippers and torrent ducks. Ancient Incan ruins, straw bridges, the Incan trail, the last dirt road and into the steepening mts as we descend. Simply incredible.
A video of the train trip. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxvdlJVFhBk

And while at Machu Picchu in the ethereal mist on July 1st, I made this little video clip.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkaonxY6W1c. It is the 100th anniversary of Higham Bingham from Yale “discovering” this most famous archeological site in all of the Americas. The sophisticated engineering work of the incas is mind blowing even to the hydrologic engineers of this era!



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June 3, 2013