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After having an amazing trip to Brazil last year, I decided to go again in 2017–twice!! South of the Amazon Basin in Brazil lies one of the world’s most extraordinary natural areas: the Pantanal (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It is an enormous wetland about the size of South Dakota. Biologists compare it to the African savanna with its vast prairies divided by meandering rivers forested at the water’s edge. It is by far the best place to view wildlife in the New World.
 A mosaic of different vegetation types – 80% is under water during half of the year, and in the other half dry – this region teems with many of South America’s largest mammals – tapirs, jaguars, capybaras, marsh deer, giant otter and giant anteaters. And so many birds! Even non-birders can easily see 100 species in a single day. The flora and fauna of the Amazon and Atlantic forests of the north, the Chaco grasslands from the east and west, and the pampas to the south intersect in the Pantanal to create one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. We stay in comfortable lodges and explore by vehicle, on foot and by boat. Then we fly north into the Amazon Ecosystem. We stay at the remote and very comfortable Cristalino Jungle Lodge Reserve, a true rain forest sanctuary. This richest region in the Amazon has eight
different species of monkeys, three kinds of sloths, frogs galore, toucans, macaws, cotingas and more. Two amazing 164 feet tall observation towers give us an extraordinary perspective of the canopy rarely glimpsed. We can help you extend your adventure to Iguaçu Falls, Rio or the Atlantic Rain Forest.

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June 16-June 30, 2017; June 30 – July 14, 2017
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June 16, 2016