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SoulCollage® is a
 creative, intuitive
 collage process full 
of imagination and
 soulful inquiry. No
 art experience is
 necessary! Guided
 by our intuition, we will
 create a series of
 cards, gathering and 
collaging images
 that speak to us. 
Some images we
 select immediately 
recognizing how
 they relate to our 
lives, while others 
we have no idea
 why we choose
 them – or why they
 seem to choose us. Our cards, filled with deep personal meaning, are a visual narrative of our own unique life story. They access our inner wisdom and give voice to the many facets of ourselves – our personality, relationships, dreams and symbols that want to be revealed. This workshop is designed to celebrate YOU! It takes place in Jennie Oppenheimer’’s studio in Lagunitas.

Jennie Oppenheimer is a gifted artist. A central theme of her teaching is to empower each person to find their own unique expression and a sense of freedom and exuberance. Mistakes are impossible.

DATES: Saturday, April 22, 2017, or Sunday, May 28, 2017 10:00am to 3:00pm

COST: $130 (includes materials and lunch.)

In July, 2017 Jennie will be leading a SoulCollage® retreat in England’s lovely Norfolk region. Charming arty towns with cobbled lanes, magical waterways, cycling, walking, expansive beaches, pubs and cafes. Stay on-site at the incredible Didlington Manor or in a charming B&B nearby. What more wonderful way to experience England off the beaten track than to gather with kindred spirits to play and create in this historic and beautiful slice of heaven. More details coming soon.



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November 20, 2015