Hello everyone:

I am off to the wonderful country of Bhutan, but first I’m stopping in Thailand for some relaxing beach time. I’ll be back May 18. This will be just in time for the hula hooping fun time at my house in Santa Rosa. My friend Annie O is the founder of the world hoop day and we are raising a little bit of money for her organization. $60 for a whole lot of fun and a delicious lunch on May 20. There’s still a little room.

Speaking of room –  both trips to Brazil this summer are  full; the Farallon Islands trips still have room; Natural History/Natural Mystery at The Cedars in Western Sonoma County is wait list only;  one of the trips to the Serengeti is full, and the other has a bit of room next February.

Here is my latest perspective that ran on KQED radio last week. The next one–out on May 5–is about why California is so great…

I managed to get down to the Carizzo Plain for the first time in 11 years. It really was spectacular.

Please subscribe to the best magazine about the wild places in the San Francisco region. BAY NATURE. Added bonus – my column-ASK THE NATURALIST!! Is this the wettest year ever??

I find this very interesting but I am still going to try to live right. MOST CANCER CASES ARISE FROM “BAD LUCK. Environment and heredity are smaller players than researchers previously believed