The Undocumented

This formidable dark falcon,
aptly named the peregrine,
after wintering in Chiapas
crosses back sin pasaporte.
He ignores borders and patrols
to mount his surveillance of
our plump American ducks
from a private fence post
in the heart of Alta California.

Never owning property,
he speaks eloquently
for both of us when he lifts
the feathers of his proud tail
to spray whitewash
on the anti-welcome sign
nailed below. Obliterating its
NO TRESPASSING printed there
in clear imperative English.

William Keener is a writer and environmental lawyer living in Marin County,California. His chapbook, “Three Crows Yelling,” authored in collaboration with poets Bill Noble and Michael Day, won the 1999 National Looking Glass Award sponsored by Pudding House Press. He can be reached by e-mail at .



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August 4, 2009