The Bird Foot Carol
Michael Ellis

Every December I lead bird watching trips into the GreatCentral Valley to witness the overwintering of thousands of ducks,geese, swans, and hawks. On Saturday night after a full day ofbirding we all have dinner together in a restaurant in Williams.Just after we have ordered and before the entre comes I take out mycollection of bird feet and pass them down each side of the tablefor folks to identify. Well one year Marina Fagin wrote a song tocommerate this annual event. I’d like to share a few of the verseswith you.

(sung to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Oh why must he embarrass us by passing out these feet?
And if he really feels he must, why do it while we eat?
The people at the next table will try to change their seat,
But they’ll still see the whole collection, which they will shun.
Yes, they’ll still see the whole collection.

The people sitting around us are looking quite aghast.
They don’t remember this happening to them in the past.
Each time he pulls out a new foot, they hope it is the last.
They can’t eat and their dinners getting cold, so I am told.
They are staring as their dinners grow cold.

We’ve taken Michael’s tracking trip we know it could be worse.
He collects other things we cannot mention in this verse.
Confirming our suspicions, Michael Ellis is perverse.
He’s collecting other things as well, that we can’t tell.
He’s collecting other things as well.

Every year we take this trip and each year it’s the same.
He passes out these feet to see how many birds we’ll name.
Some find it fun, but all agree that it’s a ghoulish game.
But by now it’s a Christmas tradition, that’s what he’s done.
Michael created a new tradition.

This is Michael Ellis with a Perspective.



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November 6, 2010