Right Whales
Michael Ellis

I have had the great pleasure of leading nature trip to two places in the world where you can still see right whales.
It used to be according to humans there were only 2 kinds of whales in the world- the wrong whales and the right whales. The wrong ones were the ones that when killed sunk to the bottom. The right whales were so named because they were in nearshore waters; slow and lumbering, therefore easy to hunt and full of fat so that when you killed them they floated and could be easily dragged to shore. In the Northern Hemisphere these whales were widely distributed in the Mediterrean in the Baltic and were one of the first whale species to be hunted to local extinction.

Even though they were one of the first whales to be protected in 1935, the north Pacific stocks were so depleted that biologists have not seen on in the n the Northern Pacific in over 40 yrs.
In New England there are a very few seen every summer but because of a low birth rate their populations have not recovered like the humpbacks.

But the best place to see the right whales, albeit the southern variety is off the coast of Patagonia in southern Argentina’s Peninsula Valdez and in the South African town of Hermanus, just southeast of Capetown.

In both places a booming eco-tourist economy has vitalized the economy.

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November 8, 2010