Michael Ellis

OK keep up with me now I only have 1 minute 55 seconds left. While out gazing at the stars the other night I noticed the characters in my favorite stellar soap opera were disappearing in the western sky. Queen Cassiopeia (seen as a distinctive W or M depending on the season) was married to King Cepheus. Well Queen Cassiopeia (a vain woman) bragged that she was prettier than the sea nymphs. Whoa this angered the sea nymphs who complained to the head guy. So Zeus sent a sea monster named Cetus (we get our term Cetacean for the whales from this mythical monster) to ravage the kingdom of Cassiopeia and Cepheus. Bummer. They checked with the Oracle at Delphi who said the only way to get rid of the monster was to sacrifice their daughter Andromeda to it. They thought about it for a while and said sure. Heh you can always get a new daughter but kingdoms that’s another story. So they chained her to a rock by the sea and waited.Meanwhile our hero tada Perseus just arrived on the scene looking for damsels in distress. Perseus had just finished slaying Medusa, the only mortal of three gorgans, women with serious hair problems. Those who looked upon Medusa were turned to stone, she was ugly. Anyway Perseus with a lot of help from his mentor, Athena managed to slay her by looking at the reflection in his highly polished brass shield. As the blood spurted out of her neck and splashed onto the ground (this is my favorite part of the story) Pegasus the winged horse sprang to life. Perseus grabbed Medusa’s Head and put it in a sack might come in handy some day and came to Andromeda. He slay the monster, rescued Andromeda and saved the Kingdom. So naturally he got to marry the girl. Well that night they had a big party. It was going well until Cassiopeia and Perseus got in an argument. Cassiopeia said there was no way Perseus was gonna marry Andromeda. He said Oh Yea? and pulled out Medusa’s head and stoned his future mother-in-law. And there she stills sits on her throne in the northern sky. There’s nothing new about Dallas, Dynasty or Falcon Crest we humans have been enthralled with the lives of the rich and famous for centuries.

This is Michael Ellis with a Perspective.



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December 1, 2010