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Many years ago I was complaining to a friend that I never could see that so-called man in the moon. He pointed out to me that it wasn’t really a man, it was a rabbit holding a basketball and since that moment I have been unable to see anything else. And indeed most cultures don’t see a face, they see figures — rabbits mainly, but also toads, mice, cats, lions, bears, and foxes. On Saturday the moon is full, this one is called the Rose moon also known as the Honeymoon. The latter name according to the Dictionary because “The first month of marriage being thought of as the sweetest.” There is a second full moon in June, a rare event which we know as a blue moon. In July we’ll have the Thunder moon. And of course everyone knows the Harvest Moon, the one nearest to the fall equinox which gives additional light to those laboring in the fields.

Unfortunately in our modern age we tend to ignore the waxing and waning of the moon and think that it doesn’t really affect us. But really don’t you think it is kind of weird that we pay our PG and E bill according the cycle of the moon, on a “moonthly schedule.” The oceans rise and fall corresponding to the relative position of the earth, sun and moon. Even solid land bulges in response to the gravitational force from the moon. Human female menstrual (derived from the Greek for monthly) rhythms were perhaps once set by the periodical cycle of the full moon. Some people claim that more babies are born and more crimes are committed during a full moon (sorry but statistics do not support this). But we still strongly believe that human behavior is influenced by moonlight so we have werewolves and lunatics. And until a brief moment ago when Mr. Edison brought us the electric light, it was mostly moonshine that lit up what little nocturnal activities humans had.

The moon appears to be full to us for about 2 1/2 days. But I recently watched the movie, Moonstruck, I noticed that there seemed to be a full moon for an entire week! Hollywood has never let facts get in the way of entertainment.

Check out that rabbit, it is a silhouette with the long ears swept back to the right and the rabbit facing left. You really can’t miss it, though the basketball may be a bit indistinct.

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November 8, 2010