Michael Ellis

Just a little over a year ago some very good friends lost their baby in the 8th month of pregnancy. Instead of celebrating the birth of their first child, we were building him a little coffin and comforting his mourning parents. It was a very difficult time for all of us. Historically it was common for many children to die in childbirth but in the modern US this doesn’t happen very often. We agreed this must have been a freak event.Understandably the parents grief was profound and long lasting. It really didn’t end until they found they were pregnant again. We were ecstatic. They had been extremely cautious with the first pregnancy but with this one they were doubly so. It went very well mom and baby thriving. Well the unimaginable and unthinkable happened. A healthy and perfectly formed little boy died during childbirth and the mother almost died as well. The hospital staff was devastated╔ this just didn’t happen. What God allows these two beautiful human beings to lose two babies in the space of a year. How can anyone deal with that?You have nothing, nothing in the world, if you have no friends. The immediate outpouring of love and support for these two is like nothing I have ever experienced. Twenty four hour care, prayers and
love. We are sharing the burden of grief, trying as we can to life the ache off the souls of our two suffering friends. Take the burden Jesus, it is a weary road they walk. My mother-in-law told me that other people cannot carry this pain for our friends, that it was theirs and theirs alone to bear and to recover from. I disagree. You can allow others to help you if you invite them in. Community is not only for celebrating the joy of events but for leaning on in times of distress. All the tears we shed are a few less tears for our friends. We rage at the cruelty, we scream, we weep quietly, we are in solidarity. We will survive this I promise. And we will never forget these two little boys who tried to be a part of all of our lives, we lost them too.

This is Michael Ellis with a Perspective.



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December 1, 2010