In 1986 I wrote:
My goal in life is to excite and educate people about the rhythms of the natural world and biological processes, thereby stimulating an active participation in the protection of the valuable resources of the planet. By acting as a communication bridge between academicians and interested but untrained individuals I hope to make the world of science less threatening but still wondrous.
That has not changed.

Miscellaneous ancient tidbits about me.
Weird but true. 1975 1977 Environmentalist Union Carbide Corporation. I worked at a facility, which enriched uranium. I interpreted data from air, water, soil, and plant monitors and reported the results to regulatory agencies. I also planned and supervised a variety of pollution abatement projects.

Best education of my life was from 1977 to 1981 as Executive Director Frontier Arts Institute at Slide Ranch. During my tenure the program doubled its participants and widened its audience. I recruited senior citizens, disabled persons, and Southeast Asian refugees to participate in the programs.

I was the host/naturalist on a natural history documentary on southeast Alaska for the Discovery Cable Channel. I helped write the script and was involved in postproduction. I was featured in and helped script a video lesson for Addison Wesley, Inc. This 20-minute production used the intertidal area to illustrate a chapter on the ecosystem in a junior high textbook. For 10 years I wrote a syndicated natural history column that was carried in six newspapers.

And now a regular KQED Perspectives commentator, Bay Nature Magazine columnist, Board Member Land Paths, TV Bay Nature on the Air, sought after speaker (which always scares me) and of course – Footloose Forays.

Some recent thanks from a participant: the best kind of accolade! “What a fabulous trip, Michael! You are the perfectly twisted shepherd of willing humans, who seek a deeper experience with Mother Nature. Using your astounding range of knowledge imparted with humor, and your ease of moving through the landscape with old friends and new, you are ever mindful of bringing us closer to creatures – on their terms.


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